Canadian Hard Maple

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Canadian Hard Maple floors are exceptionally beautiful, fine-textured, tough and dent resistant. The heartwood has creamy white color tones to light reddish brown, and sapwood is a pale creamy white. Because of Maple's unique characteristics and durability, it has been the flooring choice for high traffic spaces such as bowling alleys, basketball courts, dance floors, and schools just to name a few. Imagine how well it performs in kitchens, dining rooms, and kid's bedrooms! Canadian Hard Maple will offer you great durability, beauty, and will get your neighbors talking.

  • Unfinished Maple: Premium White

    Premium White

    This grade of hard maple wood flooring is very light and uniform in color. This grade is considered the top of the line for maple flooring. It creates a very modern and contemporary look. It is also extremely durable and provides natural warmth to any Kansas City area home. The plank lengths average 36”.

  • Unfinished Maple: Premium Edge Grain

    Premium Edge Grain

    This grade of maple is also entirely sapwood with a few slight color variations. The grain of this maple floor tends to run parallel to the length of the flooring planks. This creates a very stable hardwood floor. Premium edge grain is high sought after by architects and high-end designers looking to install a contemporary look.

  • Unfinished Maple: Birdseye

    Birdseye Maple

    This is the most unpredictable grade of Canadian Hard Maple flooring on the market. It has a wide array of imperfection that creates a very dramatic look for your home. There will be various colors, occasional knots, and dark streaks. This is the floor that creates such a different look that it will “wow” your guests.

  • Unfinished Maple: 2nd and Better

    2nd and Better

    The grade of maple flooring creates a warm floor without being too pretentious. There will be distinct color variations and will show some knots and dark streaks.

  • Unfinished Maple: 3rd Grade

    3rd Grade

    This is an extremely durable maple floor, and is normally used for a cabin or to create more of a rustic feel. It features an average plank length of 30” and has a wide array of different characteristics. These include streaks from bright white to brown to black. You’ll also see small knots and some discolored sapwood.

  • Unfinished Maple: Red Maple

    Red Maple

    This red grade of maple flooring has about a 95% brownish-red hue. This maple is extremely scarce, which makes it rare and uncommon in this area. It is so unique that it can create a hardwood floor that most people in the Kansas City area may have never seen. This grade will really create a floor that is one of a kind.