Manitoba Northern Cherry Hardwood Floor Installations in Kansas City



Manitoba Northern Cherry wood is prized by carpenters for its variation in tone and dramatic color change over time. Installing cherry hardwood flooring in your home or office brings all of the drama and beauty of this cherished wood into your space. Cherry is a fairly soft hardwood that's easy to work with. That's why cherry is more common in homes than in high-traffic businesses. Manitoba Northern Cherry hardwood flooring is coveted for its natural satin glow, wavy grain and variety of colors that alternate between pinks, yellows and tans before transforming into deep, dark reddish-browns.

  • Unfinished Cherry: Select and Better

    Select and Better

    The photo of the cherry floor at left has some color variation, but also contains a small amount of sapwood that is contrasting. This floor is considered a high-end floor that will mellow over time. You may also see an occasional pin knot and tiny black streaks.

  • Unfinished Cherry: Common


    This grade of cherry hardwood may have a prominent color variation that will show between the lighter sapwood and the darker cherry. This will create an elegant floor that has a bit of a casual charm. You’ll also have more knots and black streets within this floor.

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