North Wisconsin Red Oak

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North Wisconsin Red Oak is America's most popular wood floor choice! It is the benchmark for strength, serving as the industry standard of hardness with a Janka hardness rating or 1,290. Its reddish-brown color tones give rooms of any style - from rustic to contemporary - a warm and cozy feeling. North Wisconsin Red Oak will retain its beauty through years of wear and is almost unaffected upon sunlight exposure.

  • Unfinished Red Oak: Clear


    This grade of red oak is the highest grade available, so this creates a very distinguished look for your Kansas City area home. The wood planks are very nearly all heartwood, so you’ll see a minimal amount of discoloration or character marks. The planks themselves average 42”, and the consistency of the hardwood creates a very uniform floor.

  • Unfinished Red Oak: Quarter Sawn

    Quarter Sawn

    This is a Select grade of North Wisconsin Red Oak, but the growth rings show up in the finished product. Over 50% of the planks contain the quartered characteristics, so you can see different variations from different angles. This means you can see a “ray” within your floor, and creates a very unique and distinct look for your Kansas City area home.

  • Unfinished Red Oak: Select and Better

    Select and Better

    This grade of red oak hardwood flooring comes in an average length of 36”. You’ll see a slight color variation between the natural heartwood and sapwood. This grade of red oak also will show some small knots and even a few brown streaks. This is what is considered a classic hardwood floor.

  • Unfinished Red Oak: 1 Common

    1 Common

    This a standard choice for installing an oak hardwood floor in the Kansas City area. You will see small knots and streaks, and is a durable and solid hardwood floor choice.

  • Unfinished Red Oak: 2 Common

    2 Common

    This red oak hardwood floor comes in an average length of 24”. It has natural variations that you will see in the number of numerous knots and characteristics. In most applications, different widths can be used to create a more distinct floor. This is a popular choice for a look that portrays a more casual décor.

  • Unfinished Red Oak: Mountain Grade

    Mountain Grade

    This grade of red oak is distinct because of the length of plank used – an average of 7 feet. This grade also creates a rustic look due to solid knots, open knots, and sapwood and mineral streaks.