Northern Yukon Hickory

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Northern Yukon Hickory greatly separates itself from other wood species by its great color variation which begins from light tan to reddish/ dark brown tones with dramatic grain patterns. Its unique rustic appearance, the combination of its hard density and moderate coarse open grain, make it just as appropriate in a contemporary high rise loft as it is in a log cabin. It is also ideal for high traffic areas and kid's rooms.

  • Unfinished Hickory: Select and Better

    Select and Better

    This grade of Northern Yukon Hickory hardwood flooring creates an exceptional floor for your Kansas City area home. There are some color variations, and you’ll see an occasional pin knot and minimal dark streaks. This type of hardwood floor comes in an average length of 36”.

  • Unfinished Hickory: Common


    This grade of hickory flooring conjures up images of a rustic or cabin type of floor. There are wild color variations, and the wood has really dramatic color characteristics. There are a combination of knots, checks, splits, and heavy dramatic streaks. The colors can also vary from a very dark to nearly white. This type of hickory flooring comes in average lengths of 30”.