Bathtub and Whirlpool FAQ


What is an "air tub"?

Air tubs push air instead of water making it a more sanitary system. Air tubs consist of 64 outlets in the bottom of the tub powered by a blower with a heating element.

What benefits can I receive from using an “air tub”?

Our one of a kind Hydrotherapy spas have known to improve body circulation, rid the body of toxins, stimulate muscles and breathing patterns, alleviate back pain and other body aches such as arthritis.



Air Massage & Whirlpool Combination               

 The air massage system and whirlpool system can be used in conjunction with one another; however by doing so the peak performance of the whirlpool system will be reduced due to the volume of air being injected into the water from the air massage system. This is normal for all Air Massage/Whirlpool system Combination Packages.



Can I add bath oils, gels and such to my whirlpool tub water?

You can use bubble bath in a whirlpool bath. We would advise that you use very little though. The whirlpool system really "energizes" the water and may cause the bubbles to overflow the tub! We do not recommend the use of bath oils with your whirlpool bath unless you follow the recommended cleaning regimen.



Should I add an in-line heater to my whirlpool tub?

Usually yes. Tub water begins to cool immediately from surface contact with the cooler air. When the whirlpool is turned on more cool air is mixed with the water causing more temperature loss. An in-line heater will add back a small amount of heat. Usually enough to offset the air mixture loss.



Can I get more jets in a tub?
The jets in a tub are strategically placed to create a "true whirlpool." The water flows through each jet at about 30 gallons per minute. We are able to customize a system to suit your exact needs.



How do I clean and maintain my Whirlpool Bath system?

There is a simple monthly procedure to follow to keep the plumbing system clean. Set air control knobs to the closed position. Fill the tub with hot water to at least two inches above the highest jet. Add two tablespoons of low sudsing automatic dishwasher detergent such as Calgonite or Cascade. Operate whirlpool for 20 minutes. Drain and rinse the water from the tub. The following month, substitute 1/2 cup of household bleach for the detergent. Alternate these two cleaners each month.



How should I clean the surface of my whirlpool?

In order not to damage the finish of your whirlpool trim, only use a mild liquid detergent for cleaning followed by a thorough rinsing.



What are the electrical requirements for whirlpools?

The main pump/motor electrical connection consists of a single dedicated line with a 20-amp ground-fault circuit interrupter breaker (GFCI) and a 20-amp receptacle. For a unit with an in-line heater, a separate dedicated line, also with a 20 amp ground-fault circuit interrupter breaker (GFCI) and receptacle is necessary.



Why do I need to have an access under my whirlpool?
Access is required to the underside of the unit in the event that servicing is needed. This access may be located inside the bathroom or inside an adjoining room or closet.



What is the difference between fiberglass and acrylic tubs?
Acrylic is a sheet of material that is heated and vacuum-formed over a mold, creating a continuous waterproof membrane. It is then reinforced with fiberglass for added stability and insulation value. Acrylic is non-porous by nature, warm to the touch and retains its gloss finish better than any other material. Acrylic is well recognized for its ability to withstand constant use and cleaning. It is usually recommended that you avoid harsh or abrasive cleaners since acrylic can be scratched.


Gelcoat fiberglass is a colored polyester resin sprayed onto a mold then reinforced with fine glass particles. Being more porous and brittle than acrylic, the gelcoat/fiberglass surface has a greater tendency to dull and discolor over time. Some other drawbacks to using fiberglass are the fact that they can flex or break if they are not adequately supported and they show scratches over time that cannot be repaired.


The big plus with acrylic is that it is solid surface, meaning it has a very high filler content and does not have a gel coat. If you have Corian or similar countertops in your home, then you know what solid surface material is. No mildew, mold or bacteria can penetrate because it is non-porous.  Acrylic; being a solid surface, is easier to clean, has a glossy finish and will last for many years. It will not fade over time as the color is all the way through the material, not just on the surface. Whereas, with gel coat fiberglass the gel coat rubs off and then the pores/fibers.



What steps has Kenny's taken to ensure our environments safety?

We offer the most environmental friendly bathtubs on the market today. Our tubs were developed specifically to provide a solution to many environmental problems in the spa and bath industry.
We use Acrylobond, instead of polyester resin like many whirlpool companies, which is known to eliminate Styrene. Styrene causes a build up of greenhouse gases and is known to cause headaches and nauseas.
All motors used on our Hydrotherapy tubs contain no Lead, and run on about half the energy that a Jacuzzi brand tub would.
Our tubs are 95% recyclable.