Limited Hardwood Flooring Warranty Disclaimer

What Is Not Covered By These Limited Warranties?

The Limited warranties do not cover conditions caused by improper use of maintenance, such as:


1.Reduction in gloss, marks, scuffs, scratches, gouged, dents or cuts. Including, without limitations: any damages caused by or from pets.



 2.Damages caused by neglect, accidents, misused, or abuse (i.e, Dragging objects across the floor without proper protection.)



 3.Wear caused by pebbles, sand, or other abrasives, construction traffic, or failure to maintain the floor as required. (see Maintenance guide)



4.Damage caused by caster wheels or vacuum cleaner beater bars.



5.Failure to support furniture with floor protectors that are at least 1 inch in diameter, made from a non-staining felt or non-pigmented hard plastic, rest flat on the floor are replace regularly.

  • Splits, Cracks, Grain Rising, Checking, Edge Fracturing, Splintering or Chipping that occurs during or after the floor has been installed and as a result of abuse, misused, improper maintenance or care, exposure to excess moisture or improper environmental conditions (i.e., low or high humify) are not covered by these limited warranties. The use of a humidifier/ dehumidifier may be necessary to maintain the proper humidity between 35%-55%.

  • Wood Flooring installed in full bathrooms with a shower or bathtub

  • Damage caused by a fire, flooding, and other natural disasters

  • Changes in color due to ageing, Excessive Moisture, exposure to sunlight or UV rays.(which can oxidation of finish/stain.) is not considered a defect. Certain species include, but not limited to, American cherry, Walnut, Brazilian Cherry, and Merbau. Are especially susceptible to color change. Area rugs should be moved Occasionally, as they block sunlight and may give a discoloration under the rug.

  • Color, Shade, or Texture variations between samples, printed color photography or replacement flooring and the actual material.

  • Color Variations between flooring and/or samples and other flooring or wood products, which you wish to match (e.g., cabinets, stair railing, trim, etc.)

  • Defects related to subflooring or floor joist assembly, subflooring preparation materials, and fasteners including, but not limited to, un ever subflooring surface, floor defects in or voids in the subfloor.

  • Noises Including, But Not limited to squeaks, popping, and etc.

  • A product deformity that is not measurable or that is visible only under a certain light or from a certain angle is not considered a defect and is there for not covered by these warranties. Visible defects should be evaluated by their visibility from a standing position in normal lighting.

  • Natural Wood Characteristics such as variations in grain, color, mineral streaks, knots, normal differences between color of samples and the color of the installed flooring, and color variations from board to board.

  • Natural expansion and contraction resulting in separations between boards or damage caused due to low or excessive humidity

  • Products Designated as “Thrift, Antique, Tavern, Bargain, Cabin Grade, Seconds, Eco Grade, Rustic, Close Out, Off-goods, or Non-standard”. Such Products are sold “as is”.

  • Flooring that is installed in other than Owner Occupied or tenant occupied residents.

  • Commercial Installations of Residential Products

  • Construction or installed related damages

  • Flooring damaged by subflooring moisture or water damage, including but not limited to due to broken or leaking water pipes, door leaks of any kind, flooding, wet-mop spill, weather conditions, or pets


The Builder/ Home Owner’s responsibility of 100% Replacement cost. (Labor to only remove and install any hardwood flooring and all cost associated with repair cost to be payed in full prior to scheduling any repair appointment. Once the Hardwood flooring repairs have been payed in full our office will contact you to set up an appointment. Pleas not in scheduling a repair, that is at the discretion of the available upon receipt and payed in full.


Builders note; Failure to comply with conditions in construction phases ie; misused, abused, wear and tear are not warrantied. Failure to use heating and cooling as recommended resulting in damage voids all warranties. Please consult with tour sales Rep when Hardwood Flooring at witch stage of construction should be installed. The warranty is void when placing in hard wood flooring at the non- recommended time in the construction phase. Replacement or repair cost are to the sole responsibility of the Builder to be payed in full prior to any replacement or repair secluded and completed