Shawnee Tile & Flooring Company

Kenny's Tile is the home remodeling expert in Shawnee, KS. Homeowners in Shawnee who want to modernize their homes often choose to install tile in key areas of their houses. Tile is easy to maintain, simple to install, and adds modern appeal to any residence. When shoppers in Shawnee want to choose tile, carpet, or hardwood floors, they come to Kenny’s Tile for their home remodel project. Not only can we install wood floors, but we can also install staircases. Many flooring companies shy away from staircases because of the precision work involved, but not Kenny’s Tile. We build excellent staircases. In addition, Kenny's has one of the best granite selections in the area.


Visit Our Tile, Granite, and Hardwood Flooring Showroom


To get a good idea of your choices in flooring, you have to visit our showroom. Here we can show clients the latest and greatest selections in tile, carpet, hardwood floors and granite countertops. In fact, our tiles are made from materials that include stone, marble, vinyl, ceramic, wood, and more. Whether you are laying flooring for an entire room or just adding decorative tiles around your bathtub, we have what our Shawnee customers want. When you come to our showroom, we have a team of design experts who can help you choose the right materials for your remodeling project. Even if you are a do-it-your-selfer, they are more than happy to help lay out your project with the design elements you are looking for. They can help you choose the right tile patterns, the best slab of granite for your countertop, or the right color of hardwood flooring for your Shawnee home remodeling project.


Granite, Tile, and Marble Countertop Experts


Even more, our clients can choose from these same materials for their countertops. Kitchens with countertops that need repair make homes looked aged and uninviting. But when people install new countertops, they give that room of the home a new look. The kind of material people choose can depend on their family and their lifestyle. The most popular countertop right now are granite countertops. Kenny's has one of the best selections of granite in the area. We also have a huge selection of marble and tile countertops as well. The design team at our showroom can show you the different options and help you decide on the best countertop for your home.


Tile For Your Shawnee Kitchen & Bathroom


When Shawnee homeowners want to add an elegant and exotic look to their kitchens, we can show them beautiful tiles made from ceramic and stone. These materials not only add class, but also a rustic appeal to a person’s kitchen. Many customers take their decorating further by matching their counters with their floors. When the remodeling job is done, they can enjoy a kitchen that looks inviting. Similarly, bathrooms need to be remodeled to keep homes in good condition. Many people prefer carpet on their floors. However, families with children might fear that water from bathtubs may spill onto the carpeting and cause damage to the underlying flooring. We might suggest that Shawnee families with small children install tile around their bathtubs. This type of flooring does not absorb water, and it is easy to clean up with a mop.


Granite Countertops Add Elegance to Any Shawnee Home


Whether you are working on a kitchen or bath remodel, Kenny's Tile can recommend and install beautiful granite countertops. Our showroom is only minutes from Shawnee, and we have one of the widest selections of slab granite in the area. One of our design professionals can take you out to the granite display yard and show you the different colors and patterns of our in-stock granite. Once you choose your countertop, our installation crew will come to your home and measure your kitchen or bathroom. They will then install the granite in your Shawnee home to perfection.


We Refinish and Install Hardwood Flooring in Your Shawnee Home


Our experts can also refinish or install hardwood flooring in your Shawnee, KS home. Hardwood floors add elegance and class to any home. Over time, your hardwoods start to show the wear and tear of everyday life. Our hardwood floor refinishing team can recommend the bext color stain and finish for your hardwood floors. On the day of the project, they provide dustless hardwood floor refinishing to make sure the mess in kept at a minimum.


If your home needs new hardwood floors, we have a huge selection of hardwood flooring in stock. From unfinished to prefinished wood floors, we offer every color and style available. We also offer hand-scraped hardwood flooring, and exotic hardwoods like bamboo. Come visit our showroom just a few minutes from Shawnee at 3303 Main Street in Grandview.